The Heart of Texas Difference

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Your birthing experience is a story you will tell over and over, to family, to friends, to anyone who will listen. So we believe that when you’re planning the delivery of your baby, it’s about giving birth to your baby and about giving yourself a memorable birthing experience.

Our care is based on our passion for providing women with a chance to give birth more peacefully.

What is a midwife?

Debra Day and Monika Stone, Certified Professional Midwives with Heart of Texas Midwives, care for their clients using the MIDWIFERY MODEL OF CARE .

We believe that a holistic approach to maternity care offers every woman the best opportunity for the safest most satisfying birth experience possible. We view birth as a normal life process and we use modern medical technology when necessary. With 54 combined years of experience we have a solid understanding of how and when to blend the combination of normal, natural, and medical care.

Midwives protect normal birth .

Studies show that delivering a baby at home with a midwife results in a high number of positive outcomes and very low intervention percentages. A water birth offers great relief during labor. Water also creates a peaceful environment for the baby to transition from the womb to the outside world.

After women give birth at home, many say they wouldn’t have done it any other way. They say that having gone through such an amazing experience, it deepens the bond between themselves and their partner. They say it makes their home feel more special for providing the nest in which they allowed their family to grow.


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