Salad with Cranberries

We all know that good food is the cornerstone of good health. Now that you are pregnant or considering having a baby in the near future the time is now to improve your choices of the foods that you eat. For those of us that live in Austin, we have a great selection of fresh food around every corner!

Your food choices should be tailored to your individual body requirements. It is also important when, and in what combination, that you eat your food.

Choose food from each food group, protein, vegetables, fruit, carbohydrates in the form of whole grains, and healthy fats. Choose a high quality prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement. Your supplements should also be tailored to your specific needs.

As a home birth midwife, we are all about prevention. We advocate actions that keep birth normal. The philosophy is fairly simple. Whole foods, that is, food as close to its natural state as possible, fresh air, an active lifestyle, and plenty of fluids to drink like clean pure water. Staying hydrated is very important.

Eating the very best foods that you can is the number “1” action that you can do to improve your overall health, grow a fantastic, healthy baby and keep your childbirth as normal and natural as possible. Talk to your midwife about how to improve your diet and choose a high quality vitamin supplement. She will have the information you want that will help you improve your diet so that you enjoy a healthy, happy, pregnancy, and childbirth.



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