Benefits for baby

Baby may be less groggy and more alert after birth.
Baby may have an easier time latching on and breastfeeding.
Baby will not have narcotics or other medications in his system.
Baby will have a lower risk of fetal distress during delivery.
Baby’s APGAR scores may be higher.
Benefits for mom

Mom can walk around, soak in the tub, go to the bathroom, and change positions during labor.
Pain can be beneficial to mom as it helps her to know what stage of labor she is in, when she may need to shift positions, and when it is time to push.
Mom does not lose sensation in her lower body and should not need a catheter.
Mom will not have to worry about having a post-epidural headache.
Mom can get up and walk around shortly after birth.
There may be less chance of having nausea, vomiting, dizziness or other side effects associated with pain medications.
Mother will be less groggy after birth.
Although there is some debate on this, having a natural childbirth may reduce the chance of needing a csection.
Mom may have a more positive birth experience or feel empowered by having natural childbirth. Some women compare natural childbirth with running a marathon. The sense of accomplishment can be a rewarding event.
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