Why I Love Our Home Birth Group Practice

The start to the new year was busy for Heart of Texas Midwives. We had three births in a 56 hour period that took us all over Austin from rural, to the lake, and then back to the city. By the 13th all of our January Moms had their babies safely in arms.
Each family had experienced beautiful home births. Both first and 2nd time Moms.
In my home life we were working on my Sons applications to different magnet programs for high school, which felt more like college applications. Oh, and I can’t forget the annual science fair project that was due shortly after the Christmas break.

By the end of January I realized that my whole family needed some R&R time. A few days later we were off to Port Aransas. My phone was on silent and I only used it for taking lots of pictures. I was able to completely let go of my work responsibilities and unplug simply because of our practice group model of care. Our clients have 2 midwives caring for them on a regular basis with Lynne Loeffler, CNM stepping in as a 3rd provider when needed. In addition to me getting a few days off, our clients are confident knowing they will have trusted support at all times. Our Mothers can be sure that they will be well taken care of if they go into labor or have a problem.

A few short days spent at the ocean refueled me. My trip let me spend quality time with my family. The water was cold but my kids were so happy to be back at the ocean and they swam in the freezing gulf anyway! Maybe they love the water so much because I labored in water during their home births. We did several hikes through nature preserves. We saw an alligator!

I have been doing birth work for 17 years and going strong. As a German I have ingrained the notion of taking time to break away from the demands of work. One of the important parts of being a home birth midwife in Austin is to take care of myself. Being part of a small midwifery group practice allows my partner Debra Day and myself to do so. We support each other during a long births by giving each other the gift of sleep, or a quick weekend get away, to longer vacation periods for refueling and replenishing. The group midwifery model of care ensures that you are well supported through pregnancy, birth and post-partum by midwives who are not burned out, exhausted, and are fully available to you.



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