First Step: Understanding Our Attitudes About Pregnancy and Birth

This is the first in a series of blogs that will help you prepare for and navigate through early pregnancy. First, let’s look at what could influences our ideas about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. Are we influenced by the stories that are told to us by the women of our family? Are our thoughts moulded by what we see in movies and read in books? Or, are our opinions formed when we hear from our friends about what they have experienced when they have their children? Is this how we learn about… Read More

VIDEO: The Home Birth of Asa.

Enjoy this sweet video of The Anderson Family’s home birth story. This tender video captures the essence of home birth. The environment allows the immediate family to gently care for each other and share the moment when their son and grandson was born. Happy Birthday, Asa. Love from your Midwives, Monika, Debra, and midwife student Christine.