First Step: Understanding Our Attitudes About Pregnancy and Birth

This is the first in a series of blogs that will help you prepare for and navigate through early pregnancy. First, let’s look at what could influences our ideas about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. Are we influenced by the stories that are told to us by the women of our family? Are our thoughts moulded by what we see in movies and read in books? Or, are our opinions formed when we hear from our friends about what they have experienced when they have their children? Is this how we learn about… Read More


Benefits for baby Baby may be less groggy and more alert after birth. Baby may have an easier time latching on and breastfeeding. Baby will not have narcotics or other medications in his system. Baby will have a lower risk of fetal distress during delivery. Baby’s APGAR scores may be higher. Benefits for mom Mom can walk around, soak in the tub, go to the bathroom, and change positions during labor. Pain can be beneficial to mom as it helps her to know what stage of labor she is in, when she… Read More