First Step: Understanding Our Attitudes About Pregnancy and Birth

This is the first in a series of blogs that will help you prepare for and navigate through early pregnancy. First, let’s look at what could influences our ideas about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. Are we influenced by the stories that are told to us by the women of our family? Are our thoughts moulded by what we see in movies and read in books? Or, are our opinions formed when we hear from our friends about what they have experienced when they have their children? Is this how we learn about… Read More

Why I Love Our Home Birth Group Practice

The start to the new year was busy for Heart of Texas Midwives. We had three births in a 56 hour period that took us all over Austin from rural, to the lake, and then back to the city. By the 13th all of our January Moms had their babies safely in arms. Each family had experienced beautiful home births. Both first and 2nd time Moms. In my home life we were working on my Sons applications to different magnet programs for high school, which felt more like college applications. Oh, and… Read More


We all know that good food is the cornerstone of good health. Now that you are pregnant or considering having a baby in the near future the time is now to improve your choices of the foods that you eat. For those of us that live in Austin, we have a great selection of fresh food around every corner! Your food choices should be tailored to your individual body requirements. It is also important when, and in what combination, that you eat your food. Choose food from each food group, protein, vegetables,… Read More

The Heart of Texas Difference

Heart of Texas Midwives is a professional home birth practice. We are located in Austin, Texas. Our midwives are experts in normal birth. Source: The Heart of Texas Difference

How To Create A Normal, Safe, and Healthy Birth

During the last 38 years of my life, I have been working as a home birth midwife in Austin Texas. I’ve met thousands of families and helped them create a family in a normal, healthy and completely natural way. I believe that normal birth is a process that doesn’t start or end with delivery alone, it’s normal bodily function that begins with the first weeks of the pregnancy, all the way to the several weeks following birth. As a midwife, I have witnessed and assisted thousands of natural births and the one… Read More