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Heart of Texas Midwives offers a fantastic schedule of prenatal and postpartum care. Monika Stone Midwife meets at one of her comfortable offices where we discuss many aspects of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Children are always welcome. She listens to you and tailors each visit to your unique needs. These visit are truly enjoyable.

We meet every 4 weeks until your 28th week, then every 2 weeks until your 36th week, and finally we meet every week until your baby is born. All visits are 1 hour in length.

You are given a birth notebook, that has been authored by our midwives, to educate you and to reference during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

Monika Stone Midwife conducts a comprehensive health history review so that she is confident that your health is excellent and that you are a good candidate for a home birth.

You will receive a complete physical exam that includes a pap screening.

Prenatal blood tests are discussed and drawn at one of our offices.

Vital signs of both mother and baby are assessed for normalcy at each visit.

Your baby’s heart rate, growth patten, activity, and position are assessed at each visit.

Guidance on nutrition and exercise is an important and ongoing topic during prenatal care. Monika Stone Midwife offers tips and tricks to  help you be well fed and active.

Each appointment is like a mini childbirth education class as well as a health check up.

Monika Stone Midwife assists you in creating a plan for your  labor so you feel satisfied with the birth experience that you have created. She explores your birth desires and the emotions surrounding your family’s transition into parenthood.

At 36 weeks, 1 of your regular prenatal visits take place in your home. Monika Stone  comes for a visit where the topic is typically how to prepare your home for the birth. Gathering the supplies needed for the birth and supplies needed to care for your newborn is carefully outlined and explained. The birth pool is dropped off at this time.

Monika Stone Midwife comes during active labor, after she has given you guidance and support in early labor. She carefully monitors the labor progress, safety and well being of mom and baby. Monika Stone knows your desires for your birth experience and facilitates in achieving your birth plan.

After the birth our team provides an atmosphere where a smooth and joyful transition into parenthood can unfold. We assess the  health of both mother and baby while educating  you about how to keep yourself and your baby in tip-top shape. We are experts in breastfeeding and guide you in providing the best food for your little one. We think mothers milk is the ultimate homemade meal! Our team leaves the house clean and tidy.

Monika Stone Midwife takes the time to help you review and process the birth experience. Having a baby is a powerful transition and many women want to talk about it in the days and weeks following the birth.

Here are some other highlights of a Heart of Texas home birth.

Monika Stone and her team never separate mother and baby. Your baby NEVER leaves you.

You have to licensed and experienced midwives at your birth.

Your baby is encouraged to begin breastfeeding as soon as they are ready  without interruption. The golden nursing hour after a normal birth is so important. We consider this time a crucial part of the birth process.

We delay cutting the umbilical cord. After a few minutes your baby’s cord will empty assuring that you baby has received all of their blood into their circulatory system. This has been shown to enhance the health of newborns.

The vital signs for mother and baby are assessed regularly to let us know that the couplet is transitioning well.

We perform a comprehensive newborn examination including the baby’s weight and length.

We offer all recommended testing and treatment for mom and baby with an emphasis of informed decision and an option to opt out if desired for testing and treatment.

Our Mothers and baby are offered an herbal bath after their natural birth. This is very soothing for both, and most babies really love their first bath with Mommy.

Routine treatments for the newborn, that are mandated by state law, are discussed and performed if you give consent.

We do the  laundry! We leave your home all tidy after your birth.

Before we leave for home our postpartum care instructions for mother and baby are reviewed so our guidelines are fresh in your mind and you feel secure.

On day 1 and day 3, after your birth, Monika Stone Midwife will come to you for a postpartum visit. At  1 week and at 6 weeks postpartum she will meet you and baby at one of her offices’.

We do an assessment of both the physical and emotional recovery of the mother.

We also perform a physical assessment and evaluation of the baby.

Counseling and support for continued breastfeeding success is a very important part of these visits.

We continue to educate about self care and newborn care as you realize your family’s “new normal”.

We have filed your birth certificate with the appropriate vital statistics office and answer any questions that you have about how to get a copy for your files. baby during the exam.


Newborn Exam Picture w mom