Monika Stone Midwife has such respect for women, she wants to help them realize the full potential of their bodies, to see how amazing it is that they can use that body to give life. Monika Stone Midwife truly trusts her approach is the most personal type of experience you can choose for prenatal care, birth and post partum care.

During your initial consultation, Monika will speak openly about how safe the home birth experience truly is. Monika Stone Midwife invites you to met her and discuss home birth as an option for you and your family. You can easily book a free consultation appointment at your convenience at

Holding your hand until you hold your baby

Monika Stone CPM, LM and her team is at your side during labor, ensuring you feel safe and secure. Monitoring the safety of your birth is our top priority, second only to making sure you are comfortable with the experience and that you feel at home in your own birth.

Some things Monika Stone Midwife want you to know.

  • The Health and safety of both mother and baby is our number one priority. We are your guardians.
  • Monika Stone Midwife cares for our clients by following the MIDWIFERY MODEL OF CARE.
  • Monika Stone Midwife practices in accordance with standards set by the Midwives alliance and other professional midwifery organizations.
  • You have a sacred right and the freedom to make informed decisions and birth choices that are right for your family.
  • Water Birth is our specialty! Monika Stone Midwife provides you with a birth pool
  • Home is where your heart is. We have attended home births in apartments, suburban homes, cottages, and apartments.
  • We clean up after the birth so that you can relax and enjoy your new baby.
  • Our midwives provide 2 postpartum home visits in the first 7 days and 2 office visits in the first weeks after the birth.